Migrating the HP Systems Insight Manager 6.x database

We run to monitoring systems where I work, the first is HP SIM and the second is Microsoft System Center Operations Manager. Currently, they and their databases all reside on a single rather battered server, “MONITOR1”.

I’ve installed a new SQL Server 2008 server “SQL1” on Windows Server 2008 to take some of the load, and take advantage of the 64-bit OS and SQL installation.

Both servers are part of the domain “DOMAIN”

The process goes something like this:

  1. Add the user that SIM runs as to the SQL server logins. For me that’s “DOMAIN\Insight.Manager”
  2. Create a new database on SQL1 with exactly the same name as the MONITOR1 database for SIM. Since my 6.x install is an upgraded 5.x install, the database is called “Insight_v50_0_16732390”.
  3. Add the SIM user account to the new database with DBO permissions.
  4. Stop the HP SIM service on MONITOR1
  5. Right click “Insight_v50_0_16732390” on MONITOR1 and Export. Export all the tables to SQL1…and wait a long time for the data to transfer.
  6. While you’re waiting, you can edit the following files (c:\Program Files\HP\Systems Insight Manager\Config\) – database.props and database.admin. Change any references for MONITOR1 to SQL1.
  7. Once it’s completed, stop the SQL server on MONITOR1 and start the HP SIM services again – fire up the SIM homepage to check everything is running OK.
  8. If it all checks out, remove the old database and if it’s no longer needed, uninstall the SQL server too.

Microsoft Forefront Client Security Setup Wizard fails on “Install Collection Server Component”

If you see the following cryptic errors when trying to install FCS, then the chances are you need to install the .Net Framework 1.1 AND SP1.



[06/04/2010 10:47:11] Task (Install Collection Server Component)
The following process failed.
Process: C:\Windows\system32\msiexec.exe
Exit code: 1603
Number of tasks completed: [06/04/2010 10:47:12]

Server 2008 – Reporting Services Error The permissions granted to user DOMAIN\USER are insufficient for performing this operation. (rsAccessDenied)

If you install Reporting Services on Windows Server 2008 (RTM or R2) and attempt to verify the installation by opening the http://SERVER/ReportServer site, you may well see the following message:

Reporting Services Error 

The permissions granted to user 'MCGEOWN\Sam.McGeown' are insufficient for
performing this operation. (rsAccessDenied) Get Online Help

SQL Server Reporting Services

Additionally, you may be able to access the http://SERVER/Reports site, but will have no permissions:


You may also spend a good while checking DB permissions, IIS configurations, file permissions and so on. And after all that, you may just stumble upon the fact that if you run Internet Explorer as Administrator, it will work as expected.