Wordle word cloud of McGeown.co.uk

Wordle.net is a great little site that’s been around for ages – but it gives quite a unique insight into the content of your blog – just shove the RSS feed in and out comes a nice word cloud. I found it interesting to compare this to the Tag cloud generated from how I tagged my posts – for example Exchange is the predominant word in the Wordle.net  cloud – but not in the tag cloud. Update and upgrade were some obvious ones, I expected install or installing to feature more heavily. There’s also a random Kevin in there!


Updated to WordPress 3.0.1

wordpressHardly seems newsworthy any more, with the Automatic Upgrade option on WordPress 2.7+, but I’ve just upgraded to WordPress 3.0.1

Creating/Enabling Exchange 2010 Personal Archives

Exchange-2010-Logo-748516 With the release of Exchange 2010 SP1, administrators can now use separate Mailbox Databases to store the Personal Archives of users – this is particularly useful if you have some larger, slower (and probably by virtue, older) storage that’s not really up to the I/O of your Exchange Server (that old SAN/NAS sitting in the corner of the server room?). It’s also useful if you just don’t have the capacity on your main storage.

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Installing Exchange 2010 SP1

image Exchange SP1 has now been released, so I thought I’d document the upgrade process for my small Exchange 2010 organisation, consisting of one CAS/Transport/Mailbox server, and an Edge Transport server.


The starting point is always working out if you *need* to upgrade – what’s the business argument. For that you need to look at what’s new in Exchange 2010 SP1, the release notes and prerequisites. Finally, the installation instructions for upgrading from Exchange 2010 RTM to SP1.

It’s important to note, as mentioned in the upgrade doc:

Note: After you upgrade to Exchange 2010 SP1, you can’t uninstall the service pack to revert to Exchange 2010 RTM. If you uninstall Exchange 2010 SP1, you will remove Exchange from the server.

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Installing System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 CU2

MSFT-System-Center-logo This should be a simple update of some hotfixes, but there were a few tripping points along the way that I had to stumble past. As reference I used the CU2 update page and I also a Kevin Holman technet article.

So, I’m going to assume that a) you’re installing the update for a reason, like one of the bugs it fixes and b) you have taken a backup of your OpsManager databases.

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