Using PowerShell to add IP addresses to IIS7’s FTP IPv4 Address and Domain Restrictions

iis-self-signed-certificate-logo Today I was configuring a new FTP server based on IIS7 (well, 7.5 technically as it’s a Server 2008 R2 host), and I wanted an easy way to add and remove allowed IP addresses based on either an XML config file or a CSV import. Customers’ IP addresses are added or removed regularly, but I didn’t want to have to update their details twice, once on the server and once in the documents.

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Configuring Software iSCSI multipathing on ESXi 4.1

VMwareRecently I had cause to configure iSCSI multipathing on a test ESXi server. The production environment servers use iSCSI HBAs to connect to the back end storage, so multipathing them is a straight-forward setup.

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In-depth: Installing and Configuring Threat Management Gateway 2010 in a Network Load Balanced Array

TMG2010 In this post I will be installing a TMG Array as a “back firewall” behind a hardware firewall. The Array will consist of two virtual servers, TMG01 and TMG02 which each have 3 NICs. One NIC will be dedicated to the LAN network, accessible internally. One NIC will be dedicated to the DMZ network, accessible to the outside world on a static mapped IP. The third NIC will be a dedicated intra-array communications NIC as per Microsoft’s recommendation.

Both TMG servers will be domain joined – there are several reasons for this, not least of which is that we require integrated authentication for the proxy clients.

The array will be a Network Load Balanced proxy server for all LAN clients to access the internet; it will provide content caching and malware protection. It will also reverse proxy Outlook Web Access, ActiveSync, Outlook Anywhere, SharePoint and some internal static HTTP resources. It will also provide SSL VPN (SSTP) access for remote clients, but that will be the subject of a later post.

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