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Not as easy as it seems!

Welcome to DefinIT!

wordpressIf you’ve been here before, you may have noticed a couple of changes – the theme and name of this blog for example, and hopefully you’ve been redirected to a new URL! There are a couple of reasons for the changes, all of which are aimed at increasing the presence and visitor numbers on this site:

  1. Branding. Whether I like it or not, “McGeown” is not easy to spell or remember so I wanted to move away from it as an identity. After some discussion with my friend and creative advisor Matt Hellyer, I picked DefinIT.
  2. I’d like to add some more bloggers to the site – the number of visitors is directly in proportion to the number of posts, and I can’t post as much as I’d like to. I will introduce those bloggers as and when they arrive, but they will be people I know and trust – with real technical expertise. (That said, if you’re reading and are interested in writing for DefinIT, please contact me!)
  3. Eventually I’d like to use for a more personal site, aimed at family and friends. That’s what it was originally aimed at, and hopefully one of these days I’ll get the time.

Feel free to let me know what you think about the new theme, new name and new URL in the comments below. This blog will always be dedicated to providing high quality IT help on a broad range of subjects, as ever, I hope it helps!


Reporting all ActiveSync devices and their Users in Exchange 2010

Exchange-2010-Logo-748516Recently I needed to report on the ActiveSync devices that were attached to our Exchange 2010 organisation, and which users they were accessing, and then export them to a CSV file. [Read more…]

My password confession: a.k.a sorting out password security with LastPass

I can’t plead ignorance: I should know better!

For years I have preached to users about the importance of strong passwords, regular password changes and non-proliferation of the same password, yet I’ve fallen foul of 2 of my own rules. My password is strong – 13 characters, random alpha-numeric, upper and lower case and including special characters – but has been re-used in a few places, and hasn’t been changed in a (long) while.

I do use different passwords for specific things: my online banking, for example, has a unique password. But in other cases the same password has been used in multiple places – e.g. social networking sites, iTunes account, the DNS management for this domain, my email account. Even as I write this list it’s a bit alarming! It’s laziness, and to some extent an inability to remember a password for the dozens of accounts I have. [Read more…]