Passed the VCP510 exam – VCP5-DV Qualified!

vmware certified professional 5I’m very pleased to say that as of 21st December, I passed my VCP510 exam and am now VCP5 qualified! It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time (since VCP3) but have never been able to get funding for the required course. My current employer sent me on the vSphere 5 Fast Track course earlier this year, so I was all set to take the exam.

My exam experience was somewhat marred by a very poor first attempt which I narrowly failed. The exam I sat had dozens of spelling and grammatical mistakes, inaccuracies and other problems and I spent far too long commenting on those than concentrating on the questions. Fortunately I was eventually able to speak with VMware Education and they issued me with an exam voucher (they will also be releasing a new version of the exam soon, which I’m assured will resolve these problems). My second attempt was a lot better and I smashed the 300 point pass mark by 128 points, which went some way to restoring confidence in my own knowledge of the subject!

I’m now looking forward to studying for the VCAP-DCA and DCD exams with a view to completing them in 2013…

A good year with VMware and better things to come!

vmware logoThis year for me personally has been extremely busy and eventful coupled with a great deal of learning.

Without wishing to bore the pants off of any would be reader I shall summarize my ruminations as someone whom is still quite new to the VMware world.

The first thing that comes to mind is a a couple of recent meetings I have had with VMware. Learning that they are now very keen to engage with ‘the rest of us’ and by that I mean those of us working in SME’s as we represent well over 50% of their business revenue. For me personally this was excellent news as we have already invested heavily into the VMware product range and plan to carry on doing so in the future. The recent release of VMware suites was a good step forward but I still feel they need to do a lot better in communicating to SME’s about their vast (and ever increasing) product range as there are many gems that can often go unoticed. Our discovery of vCops earlier this year was a good example of this.