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VMware vCenter Linked Mode not supported through firewalls

vmware logoThis article originally started off life as a record of how I managed to get this working, as a lot of my posts do, but this time it appears I am foiled.

Last week, I had 3 vCenter Servers that appeared to be happily talking to each other in Linked Mode sharing a singe Multi-site SSO domain without any real issues. I had a single-pane-of-glass view of all 3 and I could manage them all from the one client. The reason for the 3 vCenter servers was segregation of LAN and DMZ networks: vCenter001 was in the LAN, vCenter002 sat in DMZ1 and vCenter003 sat in DMZ2.

vSphere Linked Mode Setup [Read more…]

Fixing the – the server fault invalidargument had no message – error message

vmware logoToday while creating new VMs from a template I got the error “the server fault invalidargument had no message” when editing the VM settings, the settings were modified successfully but the error was present whether a change had been made or not to the settings of the VM.

A quick search of the web suggested removing said VM from the inventory and re-adding from the datastore, for many this fixed the issue but not for me.

Another suggested removing and reading the Host from the cluster which I did and still no joy. Finding little else to go on I elected to simply restart the host the VM/template was originally on.

Lo and behold this fixed the issue!

VM Power On fails with error: cpuid.coresPerSocket must be a number between 1 and 8

vmware logoHad a strange one after deploying an XP VM from a template today – the VM would not power on and threw the following error:

An error was received from the ESX host while powering on VM [VM name].
cpuid.coresPerSocket must be a number between 1 and 8

cpuid.coresPerSocket Error

Digging around on google the error seemed to be related to over-allocating vCPUs (e.g. assigning 8 vCPUs on a VM with 4 physical CPU cores). This was a single vCPU machine on a 12 processor host, so not likely to be that! It did give me the idea that maybe the VMX had an error, so I edited the VM hardware and added an extra CPU and saved the config. I then edited it back to a single CPU and powered on the machine – it worked!

Examining the vmx showed that the coresPerSocket was set to zero which is incorrect:

cpuid.coresPerSocket = "0"

And after the change, the numvcpus setting was added and coresPerSocket updated:

cpuid.coresPerSocket = "1"
numvcpus = "1"

Fortunately, it’s a simple fix and once I’d updated the template, not something that will bother me again!