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Awarded vExpert 2013 – and vote for Simon!

Posted by Sam McGeown


I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I've been awarded vExpert 2013 - it's such an honour to be listed  among these others and hopefully I can continue to contribute throughout the year. I am looking forward to getting stuck in to the vExpert programme.

The vExpert announcement is here:

In other news, one of DefinIT's contributing authors @SimonEady is a finalist for the VMware V.I.T. Competition and needs your votes!y I can continue making a contribution to the VMware community for the coming year. I'm looking forward to getting stuck in to the programme!

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Please head on over to the voting page and vote for Simon!


Why secure your vSphere environment with valid SSL certificates?

Posted by Sam McGeown

vmware logoIt's no secret that installing certificates from an internal CA is a pain in the...vCenter, but having just gone through the process of updating 3 vCenter installations with the 5-7 certificates required for each server I was asked "just why is it we need to do this again?"

Why does it require multiple certificates for my vCenter server?

In short, each service requires a certificate because it could feasibly be on a server (or servers) of it's own - take this hypothetical design - each role is hosted on it's own VM, and there are 7 certificates required - SSO, Inventory Service, vCenter Server, Orchestrator, Web Client, Log Browser and Update Manager. If you install all these services on one server you still have to create certificates for those individual services.

Certs - vCenterSeperate


Updating ESXi Fibre Channel HBA Drivers via VMware Update Manager

Posted by Sam McGeown

VMware.jpgA problem reared it's head over the weekend with one of our hosts' Fibre Channel HBAs negotiating it's way down to 2GB, and consequently introducing massive latency for the LUNs behind it. Analysis showed that the drivers for the HBA were over a year out of date so the suggested fix from VMware was to update the drivers. This is fine to do manually for a few hosts, but would be a real pain for the 300+ hosts in the environment I manage.

Enter VMware Update Manager - we already use it to patch and upgrade our hosts, but it can also apply host extensions - driver packages as well.


Cloud Credibility

Posted by Simon Eady

So then! of late my attention has been drawn to Cloud Credibility which is a fantastic place to help validate your own and others cloud expertise by completing various tasks.

Among other things it encourages you to read up on white papers, carry out lab work (Hands-on-labs), watch training and informational materials and thus rewarding you with points for you and your team. What is also great is points really do mean prizes!

I have recently become apart of a Team (Team - DefinIT) with the following well known Virtualisation bloggers and vExperts.

Barry Coombs - Virtualised Reality

Michael Poore - vSpecialist

Sam McGeown - DefinIT

This presents another great aspect to Cloud Credibility as it encourages team work with tasks and social/technical interactions.

If you haven't signed up I would strongly recommend you do so!


Using the VMware SSL Certificate Automation Tool with a Microsoft Certificate Authority

Posted by Sam McGeown

vmware logoUpdating vCenter Server certificates has always been a pain - it has only got worse with the sheer number of services that are running under vSphere 5.1 - each service requiring a unique certificate and to be installed in many complex steps.

Fortunately , with the release of the SSL Certificate Automation Tool, VMware have gone some way to reducing the headache.

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