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If, like me, you want to administrate your Windows 2003 servers from your Vista workstation, you may find that you recieve an “MMC could not create snap in” error when you open one of the admin tools, it also manifests as corrupted graphics within some MMC Add-ins.

It appears that the dlls are not registered correctly, there’s a KB article from Microsoft that contains a script to reregister the dlls. It’s a simple fix:

  • Copy and paste the following script into a text document, save it as RegisterAdminPack.cmd
  1. @echo off
  2. REM RegisterAdminPak.cmd
  3. REM (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
  4. set filelist=adprop.dll azroles.dll azroleui.dll ccfg95.dll
  5. set filelist=%filelist% certadm.dll certmmc.dll certpdef.dll certtmpl.dll
  6. set filelist=%filelist% certxds.dll cladmwiz.dll clcfgsrv.dll clnetrex.dll
  7. set filelist=%filelist% cluadmex.dll cluadmmc.dll cmproxy.dll cmroute.dll
  8. set filelist=%filelist% cmutoa.dll cnet16.dll debugex.dll dfscore.dll
  9. set filelist=%filelist% dfsgui.dll dhcpsnap.dll dnsmgr.dll domadmin.dll
  10. set filelist=%filelist% dsadmin.dll dsuiwiz.dll imadmui.dll lrwizdll.dll
  11. set filelist=%filelist% mprsnap.dll msclus.dll mstsmhst.dll mstsmmc.dll
  12. set filelist=%filelist% nntpadm.dll nntpapi.dll nntpsnap.dll ntdsbsrv.dll
  13. set filelist=%filelist% ntfrsapi.dll rasuser.dll rigpsnap.dll rsadmin.dll
  14. set filelist=%filelist% rscommon.dll rsconn.dll rsengps.dll rsjob.dll
  15. set filelist=%filelist% rsservps.dll rsshell.dll rssubps.dll rtrfiltr.dll
  16. set filelist=%filelist% schmmgmt.dll tapisnap.dll tsuserex.dll vsstskex.dll
  17. set filelist=%filelist% w95inf16.dll w95inf32.dll winsevnt.dll winsmon.dll
  18. set filelist=%filelist% winsrpc.dll winssnap.dll ws03res.dll
  20. for %%i in (%filelist%) do (
  21.  echo Registering %%i …
  22.  regsvr32 /s %%i
  23. )
  24. echo.
  25. Echo Command Completed

  • Run a command prompt under admin privileges (Start menu > All Programs > Accessories > Right click Command Prompt and select “Run as administrator”)
  • Navigate to where you saved RegisterAdminPack.cmd, and run it.

Simple as that. Some people find that the admin tool shortcuts aren’t installed under administrative tools, that didn’t happen to me, but you can either reinstall the tools or manually create the shortcuts by opening a new MMC window (Start > Run > mmc) and then adding the relevant snap-in. You can then save your console and create a shortcut wherever you desire.

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