Activating Microsoft Reader on a Windows Mobile 5 device under Vista

Written by Sam McGeown
Published on 22/10/2008 - Read in about 1 min (141 words)

I recently tried to use Microsoft reader on my iMate K-Jam mobile, it’s Windows Mobile 5 powered, so according to Microsoft it’s fully supported. However, when I tried to activate, I got the following error:

“You have an older version of Pocket PC which does not support Activation”

Not true I cried, and after a lot of Google-ing and trying various different fixes that are posted on the net, I found the only one that actually worked for me!

It was as simple as adding the activation web site to the “Trusted Sites” zone in Internet Explorer, and running IE in the administrators context. It was one of those simple ones that really makes the 2 hours spent searching for an answer all the more frustrating.

I’ve got a feeling Microsoft should add notes to that effect on the site…never mind.

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