BlogEngine.Net 1.6 is released – and I’ve upgraded! Also migrated to IIS 7

Written by Sam McGeown
Published on 4/2/2010 - Read in about 1 min (188 words)

I’ve just upgraded to BE.Net 1.6, and I thought I’d migrate to GoDaddy’s IIS 7 servers at the same time. The theory is that this would be a an easy migration and I’d have the weekend to iron out any bugs. Not so.

After testing on my local IIS 7 and working perfectly, I uploaded the updates to my live blog and hit the “Migrate to IIS 7” button, which promises it will be completed in 24h. I received the “update your DNS” email, and duly updated my A records to the new server, and the transfer seems to be ok – aside from the fact that viewing any specific post causes an error – I’m guessing with the permissions of the App_Data folder. The catch being that I can’t access my IIS settings until GoDaddy have completed their 24h migration process.

It’s now been more than 72 hours since I kicked of the migration and still I cannot access and fix the IIS permissions issue which is dogging my blog. I’ve emailed twice and am still waiting for some resolution. Perhaps I won’t be renewing this year?

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