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Exchange-2010-Logo-748516 With the release of Exchange 2010 SP1, administrators can now use separate Mailbox Databases to store the Personal Archives of users – this is particularly useful if you have some larger, slower (and probably by virtue, older) storage that’s not really up to the I/O of your Exchange Server (that old SAN/NAS sitting in the corner of the server room?). It’s also useful if you just don’t have the capacity on your main storage.

To create a new Mailbox Database for the Personal Archives to be stored in:

New-MailboxDatabase –Name “Archive Mailbox Store” –EdbFilePath “D:\Path\Archive.edb”

To enable a specific user’s archive [and specify the database]:

Enable-Mailbox “User.Name” –Archive [–ArchiveDatabase “_Archive Mailbox Store_”]

To enable ALL existing user’s archives:

Get-Mailbox | Enable-Mailbox –Archive [–ArchiveDatabase “_Archive Mailbox Store_”]

To move the user’s Archive to the Archive Mailbox Store:

New-MoveRequest “_User.Name_” –ArchiveOnly –ArchiveTargetDatabase “_Archive Mailbox Store_”

PowerShell is the way forward, so it’s best to learn the command for the EMC (Exchange Management Shell). If you simply HAVE to use the GUI, here it is:

Enable Personal Archive:

image image

Move Personal Archive to Archive Database

image image

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