A start is a start

Written by Simon Eady
Published on 3/3/2011 - Read in about 2 min (235 words)

So here we go, my very first tech blog… so what on earth do I start with?

Given I am unlikely to have any profound revelations I shall simply focus on what I have discovered as useful and helpful on my travels!

First up then…

I have been asked on many occasions by individuals and SMEs should they opt for a brand such as HP over Dell or vice versa… as ever my default response is a brief needs analysis. It seems all to often folk get caught up by hearsay/brand loyalty over suitability.

For example I have had both great and poor experiences with well know brands such as HP and Dell.

More importantly our job in IT is to find out what the need really is! And then source a suitable cost effective solution that will last at least for the duration specified. Of course I am simplifying the matter a great deal but in a nutshell that is what we must do and what really should be expected of us. I have lost count of the mount of times I have come across IT solutions that are utterly over kill or completely inadequate and therefore cost a business large sums of time and money.

In short if you get the needs analysis and scoping right the solution will present itself readily and should deliver exactly what is required for the duration specified!

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