VCP5 – vSphere 5 Configuration Maximums Quiz in PowerShell

Written by Sam McGeown
Published on 22/11/2012 - Read in about 2 min (220 words)

I’ve been learning my vSphere 5 config maximums before my upcoming VCP5 exam, so in a supreme effort of procrastination I thought I’d write a PowerShell quiz script: here it is!

Save the QuizMe.ps1 file into a folder and then place one or more text file in the same folder containing a comma delimited set of questions and answers. Then run QuizMe.ps1!

You can choose the quiz you take (which text file it will use).

This will work for anything you want to quiz yourself on, it’s not limited to VMware configuration maxiums.


$QuizFiles = Get-ChildItem . | where {$_.extension -eq ".txt"}
Write-Host "Choose a quiz file" -fore Yellow
foreach ($QuizFile in $QuizFiles) {
	Write-Host "$QuizFile"
$Quiz = Read-Host -Prompt "Type a file name"

$VMM = Import-CSV $Quiz -Header "Question","Answer"
$Count = 10
while ($Count -gt 0) {
	if(($VMM).GetType().ToString() -eq "System.Object[]") {
		$Q = Get-Random $VMM
	} else {
		$Q = $VMM
	$Question = $Q.Question
	$Answer = Read-Host -Prompt $Question
	if($Answer -match $Q.Answer) {
		Write-Host "Correct!" -Fore Green -NoNewLine
		$VMM = $VMM | where {$_.Question -ne $Q.Question}
	} else {
		Write-Host "Wrong - "$Q.Answer -Fore Red -NoNewLine
	$temp = $VMM
	if($temp.count -eq $null) { $Count-- } else { $Count = $temp.count }
	Write-Host " $Count questions remain"

Download quiz files: VirtualMachineMaximums ESXi5Maximums


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