Cloud Credibility

Written by Simon Eady
Published on 29/4/2013 - Read in about 1 min (136 words)
Published under VMware

So then! of late my attention has been drawn to Cloud Credibility which is a fantastic place to help validate your own and others cloud expertise by completing various tasks.

Among other things it encourages you to read up on white papers, carry out lab work (Hands-on-labs), watch training and informational materials and thus rewarding you with points for you and your team. What is also great is points really do mean prizes!

I have recently become apart of a Team (Team - DefinIT) with the following well known Virtualisation bloggers and vExperts.

Barry Coombs - Virtualised Reality

Michael Poore - vSpecialist

Sam McGeown - DefinIT

This presents another great aspect to Cloud Credibility as it encourages team work with tasks and social/technical interactions.

If you haven’t signed up I would strongly recommend you do so!

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