VCAP5-DCA – Achievement Unlocked! And VMworld Europe

Written by Sam McGeown
Published on 2/9/2013 - Read in about 2 min (230 words)

vcap5-dcaAfter my previous post about studying and the exam experience of the VCAP5-DCA exam (and 3 weeks of waking up to check my phone for the email all night) I am pleased to say that I received my Exam Score last week and it was a pass! I was really pleased to see that I passed with a  very decent margin too, which was great! The rushed nature of the exam and long wait for the results leaves you going over the exam in your head convincing yourself how badly you’ve done, so it came as a huge relief and surprise.

Next up, VCAP5-DCD – possibly even at VMworld Barcelona given that there is 75% off exams for attendees taking them on-site.

DefinIT @ VMworld Barcelona

vmworldI’m also very excited to say that fellow DefinIT blogger Simon (@simoneady) and myself will be heading off to Barcelona in October to our very first VMworld conference. Regular readers may have seen Simon won a V.I.P Tweet competition earlier this year, which was fantastic. I threw my name in the ring for a vExpert Blogger pass and was slightly stunned and very pleased when I received an email saying I’d been selected to go. For both Simon and myself VMworld has been something we have both wanted to attend but never really had the opportunity before, so we’re really looking forward to it!

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