VMware – The future of IT Google Hangout

| 08/10/2013 |


Recently I had the privilege to be asked to attend a Google hangout with Joe Baguley (VMware CTO EMEA), Paul Saffo (Technology Forecaster) and several other well known guys from the VMUG community

VMware – The future of IT Google Hangout

It was a first for me but a really enjoyable experience.

Questions that were asked in the hour long session were..

To jump to specific questions, see the links below:

What have been your biggest successes during your time at VMware? –

What are the biggest challenges the industry is facing over the next few years? –

Is there still a future for locally installed applications? –

Do you think we’ll see the demise of IaaS as better platforms become the new OS? –

What will an IT enterprise look like in 10 years time, and how will this impact on the office of the future? –

Can you tell us more about VMware’s plans for SMEs in the future? –

How will cloud computing influence end user computing? –

Is there a place for cloud standards? –

Will consumers shift from public to private clouds, given recent security concerns? –

VMware’s innovations means it is moving ahead of its customers’ deployments. How is this being tackled? –

What opportunities will wearable technology present to the workplace? –