Some useful VMware related diagrams

Written by Simon Eady
Published on 1/4/2014 - Read in about 1 min (127 words)

One of the things that never fails to amaze me are the superb PDF diagrams I occasionally stumble upon so i thought it would be a useful idea to list some of the the ones I have found on my travels.

vSphere 6 ESXTOP quick Overview for Troubleshooting








VMware vSphere 5 Memory Management and Monitoring diagram







 Concepts and best practices in Resource Pools







Network port diagram for vSphere 6.x






Network port diagram for vSphere 5.x….






vCloud Director network ports







 Horizon 6 Firewall ports 







vCenter Operations Manager vAPP (5.x)






 vRealize Operations Manager Virtual Appliance (6.0)

















I plan to add more to this list as I go through my history and of course as and when I find new gems.


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