Installing SRM VNXe SRA – Failed to load SRA, ‘queryInfo’ didn’t return a response

Written by Sam McGeown
Published on 23/7/2014 - Read in about 1 min (123 words)

Quick post to cover a fix for installing the VNXe SRA when you encounter the below error:

Failed to load SRA from ‘C:/Program Files/VMware/VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager/storage/sra/EMC VNXe SRA’. SRA command ‘queryInfo’ didn’t return a response.

The components installed (in this order) are:

  1. vSphere 5.5
  2. SRM 5.5
  3. UNISphere CLI
  4. VNXe SRA 5.0.0

The root cause is that the system locale is EN-GB rather than EN-US, however even changing the locale does not resolve the issue. The Java installation will still try and load an en_GB module and fail. The solution is as follows:

Edit “\storage\sra\EMC VNXe SRA\” in notepad and replace:

system(“jre/bin/java -jar EmcVNXeSra.jar”);


system(“jre/bin/java -Duser.language=en -jar EmcVNXeSra.jar”);

Rescan the SRAs within SRM to load the VNXe adapter details.

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