vCOPs resources (vCenter Operations Manager)

Written by Simon Eady
Published on 4/12/2014 - Read in about 2 min (225 words)

vCOPs resources

If you have spent time working with vCOPs you will be aware of the numerous and widespread resources out on the net to help you install and fine tune your deployment. Given there is a lot of content out there that is not always easy to fine immediately I wanted to collate a useful list for my own use and to share with others.

Still a work in progress..

Release notes - 5.8.4 (current at time of posting)

Installation guides

Sizing guidelines -

vSphere “fat” client deployment -

vSphere web client deployment video -

vSphere web client deployment -

vSphere web client deployment -

Install/deployment guide -

Complete guides/series

Complete series from David Davis -

Complete series from Sunny Dua - 

Post install/fine tuning

Fine tuning vCOPs for your environment - 

Fine tuning vCOPs  -


Configuring polices -

Configuring multiple policies -

Capacity planning

Capacity planning -

Introduction to capacity planning -

Custom UI guides

vCenter Operations Manager – Custom UI Series -

Capacity planning dashboard -

Super metrics

Get them right -

Using them -

Integrating vCOPs and vCO

Self healing data centre? -

vCOPs legends

These are blogs of people whom imo are truly great with vCOPs

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