Missing actions in vRealize Automation

Written by Simon Eady
Published on 21/9/2015 - Read in about 2 min (281 words)

Recently the team I am working with came across an interesting bug/issue with actions missing from deployed VMs. We had checked and double checked the entitlements yet the actions that should be available to the end-user/customer were not listed.

Everything appeared to point to a permissions issue until one of the team members noticed something with regards to blueprints in the catalog.

Before I continue with what we observed and how we “fixed” it please bear in mind the blueprints were created programmatically. (Automating vRA IaaS Blueprint creation with vRO)

So as I stated before the end-user for the deployed VMs were not getting the actions assigned from the entitlements, only 4 actions were available.





The entitlements however were far more comprehensive as you can see.





We tried various avenues of investigation until one of the team members noticed that the blueprints did not have any descriptions.




To correct this we clicked on each of the respective blueprints (which already had descriptions)..





and selected edit.



Then immediately exiting (making no changes) but clicking OK to exit the blueprint configuration. You will notice even with no changes made, click OK seems to trigger something to happy to the right of the cancel button.






Returning to the catalog the descriptions were now present but also all the missing actions were now available to any newly deployed VMs and also any previously deployed VMs (which is great news as you can imagine).




I do not know yet know why this resolves the issue but suffice to say it was a welcome fix albeit confusing.

I plan to ask VMware to learn more and update this post accordingly when I have a more informed answer/reason.




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