#VMworld2015: Pre-event and Partner Day

Written by Sam McGeown
Published on 13/10/2015 - Read in about 2 min (344 words)

vmworld2015-logoMy trip started with a farcical attempt to fly – my 11:50am flight on Sunday didn’t leave ‘til 3:30pm, but in light of William Lam’s travel woes on the same day, I don’t think I’ll complain to heavily. After a quick stop off at the Fira to register and grab my VMworld bag and I headed off to meet DefinIT co-author Simon (@simoneady) at our AirBnB apartment (which, by the way is awesome and a whole load cheaper than a hotel).

Sunday evening we headed out to the Hard Rock Cafe Barcelona for the annual vRockstar event, which was pretty good. The venue was packed but it was great to meet some old and new faces and drink some free beer. The less said about the rum and coke (90% rum, 5% coke, 5% ice) the better.

Monday morning we were up early to get to the venue for my (foolishly) early  exam, which I

blogged about yesterday. Short story, I took the VCIX-NV expecting to fail and passed! The exam is long, so after that I grabbed some food and spent time hanging out at the blogger space, networking and generally discussing VCDX strategy at length with Lior Kamrat (@LiorKamrat). For the rest of the Partner Day I did some VCDX mock design and troubleshooting scenarios with Lior and Larus Hjartarson (@lhjartarson), which was a really good session and helpful for confidence building prior to my defence next week. In the evening I headed out to the PernixData party down Las Ramblas, in the same bar as last year (Ocana). This was a slightly more chilled affair than vRockstar and was mostly spent drinking mojitos and meeting loads of nice guys. It’s always a pleasure catching up with Frank Denneman and James Smith from PernixData.

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