#vROps Webinar 2016 – Part 6 : Understanding vROps SuperMetric & Views

Written by Simon Eady
Published on 29/6/2016 - Read in about 1 min (144 words)

vROps webinar logoSunny just completed the editing and upload of the the latest episode of the vROps Webinar Series 2016. With this we have completed 6 sessions this year. I am glad that we are able to dish out sessions every month and the interest level in these sessions just keeps on growing. Looking forward to deliver more content for the rest of the year.
Session Details:- In this episode, we talk about content within vROps. To begin with, we speak about Views and SuperMetrics. With this you will get a lot of insights into how you can use these features to build some useful, Reports and Dashboards within your vROps environments. 
Once again I would like to thank my friend and partner in this project Sunny as without him this would not be possible.
So without further ado, here is the recording for this session:
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