vSphere Web Client – VSAN is Turned Off – Edit button disappears

Written by Sam McGeown
Published on 16/9/2016 - Read in about 2 min (221 words)

I ran into a strange one with my lab today where the previously working VSAN cluster couldn’t be enabled. Symptoms included:

  • The button to enable VSAN was missing from vSphere Web ClientVSAN is Turned OFF
  • vsphere_client_virgo.log had the following error:

[2016-09-16T14:49:03.473Z] [ERROR] http-bio-9090-exec-18 70001918 100023 200008 com.vmware.vise.data.query.impl.DataServiceImpl Error occurred while executing query:


QueryName: dam-auto-generated: ConfigureVsanActionResolver:dr-57


Constraint: ObjectIdentityConstraint

TargetType: ClusterComputeResource

Target: ManagedObjectReference: type = ClusterComputeResource, value = domain-c481, serverGuid = a44e7d15-e63f-46c2-a1aa-b9b1cbf972be

I was able to enable VSAN on the cluster using rvc commands

  1. SSH to VCSA
  2. Enable bash shell
  3. rvc [email protected]@locahost
  4. vsan.enable_vsan_on_cluster /localhost//computers/

Following the enabling of VSAN on the cluster, I was still getting errors:

  • “Unable to load VSAN configuration” when viewing the VSAN configuration for the cluster in the vSphere Web Client
  • “HTTP400 Error” when viewing the cluster summary tab, on the VSAN health widget

The HTTP400 Error led me to the following KB VMware Virtual SAN 6.x health plug-in fails to load with the error: Unexpected status code: 400 (2133384), following the resolution in this KB resolved the issue.

It seems that, yet again, VMware’s certificate tooling does not replace a key certificate, and this is the root cause of the problem. When I deployed the VCSA, I configured the PSC as a subordinate Certificate Authority and followed the documented procedure to replace the certificates. Clearly this one was missed!

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