Sam’s #VMworld 2017: Intro to NSX-T Architecture #NET1510BE and NSX-T and Kubernetes #NET1522BE

Written by Sam McGeown
Published on 12/9/2017 - Read in about 2 min (285 words)

It will be no surprise, given my impending move to the VMware PSO NSX Practice, that this morning I’ve been focussing on NSX-T. The two sessions I attended were the Introduction to NSX-T Architecture and Integrating NSX-T with Kubernetes. In a weird twist of scheduling, the Kubernetes session was before the introduction session, but it worked out OK.

I found the Kubernetes session really enjoyable and really felt like the speakers delivered a great overview of the integration and how they work together. I was pleasantly surprised with how familiar a lot of the concepts were, coming from an NSX-v and vRealize Automation background. It’s similar, but different! This is something I can really get my teeth into.

Moving into the NSX-T architecture session, Kevin and Dimitri walked through the components and functions of NSX-T and demonstrated integration with OpenStack as a cloud management platform to automate deployments. Again I was pleased with the familiarity of all the concepts and terminology.

In both sessions they also covered some of the operations and troubleshooting tools that come as part of NSX-T, which provide easy insights into the flow of traffic through the virtual and physical networks, and allow you to trace and test specific traffic flows.

If you’re wanting to geta bit deeper with the NSX-T architecture, there’s a deeper dive session on Wednesday 12:30 - #NET1863BU, I will definitely be trying to attend! There’s also a Hands On Lab for getting started with NSX-T #SPL182601E and Kubernetes/NSX-T integration #SPL182902E.

Both these sessions have given me a much better understanding of NSX-T and how it integrates with cloud management platforms. I am really excited about joining VMware next week and getting on board the NSX-T train!

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