#vROps data retention and the Cleaner

Written by Simon Eady
Published on 17/1/2018 - Read in about 1 min (186 words)

Something that has come up with customers recently is why and when old data is cleaned up from your vROps instance.

I will make the assumption that you have your data retention set to 6 months but the process is the same whether the value is less than or greater than 6 months.

When data reaches and or goes beyond the age threshold set in the global settings it will be cleaned away by a daily process “Old Data Cleaner”.

However, the Old Data Cleaner serves another purpose and in many cases very vital.

If the disk space on the vROps instance becomes less than 10% the Old Data Cleaner thread will automatically run to maintain some free disk space. This is critical to keeping vROps running and prevents it from falling over. However in some cases I have seen a reasonable performance hit on the vROps instance -if- the ingest rate on the vROps instance is very high, thus forcing the Cleaner to work full time.

If you hit the issue outlined above you will need to add additional disk space to the vROps instance.


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