Using vRealize Orchestreator MP in vROps

Written by Simon Eady
Published on 16/2/2021 - Read in about 2 min (271 words)

Using vRealize Orchestreator MP in vROps

Product Version - vRealize Operations 7.x and 8.x

A few years ago VMware released the Orchestrator MP which is a superb way to directly call vRO workflows from vROps by way of alerts and actions. This opens the door to all manner of ideas for conditional automation using vROps.

The limitation

Recently for a customer we planned to use the vRO MP to assist a customer with a very unique/niche challenge. vRO was a key component to the challenge and we identified a possible solution using the vRO MP in vROPs which for all intents and purposes looked ideal.

However, we hit a blocker, while the vRO MP will readily work with vSphere objects identified in vROps it will not work with any other object idenitfied in vROps - for example EPOPs objects.

This was a bit of a blow and there is no work around that we could find, it does not appear that the vRO MP supports any objects discovered from other MP/solutions such as EPOPs (End point operations). We had to come up with a less elegant solution which worked but was not ideal and will be phased out once the niche requirement was removed.


This was an unexpected limitation and to be fair a little niche nevertheless we did feel it was a little odd that the vRO MP was limited in such a fashion (I am sure there is a reason which we are not privy to). So if you are planning using the vRO MP just ensure whatever you want to automate against is a vSphere discovered object.

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