Integrating vROps with vRA 8 using Workspace One Auth Source

Written by Simon Eady
Published on 18/3/2021 - Read in about 2 min (229 words)

Integrating vROps with vRA 8 using Workspace One Auth Source

Product Version - vRealize Automation 8.x

Why integrate vROps with vRA 8?

vRealize Automation can work with vRealize Operations Manager to perform advanced workload placement, provide deployment health and virtual machine metrics, and display pricing.

So what is the problem?

When configuring the integration, you will input the vROps URL and it will also ask you to input a username and password of the service account you wish to use. This is no problem if the accouint is a locally created account in vROps itself but most enterprises will want to use AD created service accounts which are then imported into vROps via WorkSpace One (vIDM)

However you would expect to just input the username in vRA in the following format.

[email protected]

You will quickly find this will not work, vROps will return an error saying invalid username and password. After much head scratching I was directed to this solution by someone helpful within VMware. You must use the following format for it to be successfull.

[email protected]@vIDMAuthSource

This is actually called out in the documentation in a slightly less clear fashion. Here -


vROps integration with vRA 8 offers a lot of value so dont let this deter you.

You can learn more about creating service accounts and the correct permission required in vROPs here -

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