#vROps 6.7 – Automate all the things..

There are many improvements, changes and new additions to vROps in version 6.7 but one of the aspects that stands out to me personally is the direction VMware are taking with the product. Aside from the obvious addition of cloud costings and comparisons and a reworked capacity planning (from the ground up) and new hook in to  Wavefront (which I really like) there has been some real effort to improve how you can further automate things from vROps.

The list of OOTB actions has grown a lot.. (a sample below)

Couple this with the vRO Management Pack and you can have some serious proactive and reactive automation taking place based on effective monitoring.

If you were already considering using vROps for automation then perhaps this will tip the balance and if you were in the no camp then perhaps you will reconsider?

Either way 6.7 looks great (loving the dark theme)

You can check out more about the overall changes and improvements in the follow sites.

Release notes – 

Nice blog summary – 


#vROps data retention and the Cleaner

Something that has come up with customers recently is why and when old data is cleaned up from your vROps instance.

I will make the assumption that you have your data retention set to 6 months but the process is the same whether the value is less than or greater than 6 months.

When data reaches and or goes beyond the age threshold set in the global settings it will be cleaned away by a daily process “Old Data Cleaner”.

However, the Old Data Cleaner serves another purpose and in many cases very vital.

If the disk space on the vROps instance becomes less than 10% the Old Data Cleaner thread will automatically run to maintain some free disk space. This is critical to keeping vROps running and prevents it from falling over. However in some cases I have seen a reasonable performance hit on the vROps instance -if- the ingest rate on the vROps instance is very high, thus forcing the Cleaner to work full time.

If you hit the issue outlined above you will need to add additional disk space to the vROps instance.


Looking back on 2017 and looking forward into 2018

Upon seeing others in the wider community making a blog post like this as a marker in the sand I thought I would follow suit as a way to see what I have learned and goals I would like to achieve in the coming year. 2017 was a good year and a very busy one at that, I got to see a lot of new places on my work travels and met some really amazing, clever and talented people.

Without listing everything, I am quite happy with my progress this year personally and as an IT Professional, keeping myself up to date with current tech where possible and pushing myself to learn new and varied things.

High-lights in no specific order.

  • vExpert 2017
  • VCP-DCV65
  • VMware Specialist – vRealize Operations 6.x
  • vROps Webinar Series
  • Presenting at and leading VMUG some events.
  • Found myself a Mentor whom I highly respect and trust.
  • Picking up vRA in a more serious way.
  • Keeping up (most of the time) regular blog posts here
  • Finally got the chance to read the Phoenix Project
  • Attended VMworld (Barcelona)

Moving forward into 2018 I have not yet really set any specific goals or targets. But off of the top of my head the follow items would be on my to-do list including the items I will already being doing.

  • Become vExpert 2018
  • Obtain 1 or 2 more VCPs in (VCP-NV and VCP-CMA)
  • Continue the vROps Webinar series with my good friend Sunny
  • Carrying on a in leadership role at the SW UK VMUG
  • Continue being mentored
  • Present at the Nordic VMUG
  • Present at other VMUGs (UK or beyond)
  • Develop my vRA knowledge.
  • Develop my Powershell/PowerCLI knowledge
  • Keep on blogging here regularly
  • TOGAF is something I am looking into.

My goal really is to just do better each year, get better at what I do and be a better professional and hopefully a better person as a whole.

So here is to a good 2018 I hope and wish yours will be a good and successful one.


#vROps Webinar 2017 – Part 4 : Optimizing Workload Performance Using Automation

In this episode, Sunny gave us a deep dive into the WLP and WLB features of vROps.

We were also joined by a special guest, Jad El-Zein who gave us a great insight into how vRA utilises vROps for initial placement of freshly provisioned VMs

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Here is the recording!

Why do IT projects struggle or fail?

Why do IT projects fail?

I am sure if you ask that question to ten people you will get 10 different answers, or at the very least a wide variety of reasons. The product chosen to deliver the solution was a poor match, the product was implemented incorrectly, the PM sucked, the Vendor gave no support, insufficient training material/resources, poor interoperability, the list goes on and on.

One issue I have observed from time to time on my travels is quite different from the above listed examples. In fact, (and this is my personal observation and opinion) the real issue can be hidden under the reasons listed above.

So, what am I talking about? I am referring to human nature, self-preservation, fear of the known or unknown, preference for another solution/vendor, I think you get my point.

I have seen many projects where it is quite clear the product was not miss-sold, was a good fit, where the support and implementation was solid, the PM was on point and so on. Yet the project limped along for “reasons”, where all the problems, issues or objections that cropped up were simply individuals finding anything that would help justify or protect their position or opinion.


Simon’s #VMworld 2017: Wednesday

This was as I expected, the busiest day sessions wise for me. There was so much good stuff I had to be a little ruthless on what I wanted and or needed to attend while also wanting to get into the solutions exchange.

Also at the end of the day the customer appreciate party was scheduled so that was something I was looking forward to a great deal (Hint – Kaiser Chiefs)

First up for me (and it was not a hard choice) was Iwan’s vROps session “Operationalise your world”. This was subject he usually covers in a day (workshop) so it was condensed right down to 1 hour but he did a great job in getting the message across about how to effectively monitor and bring real business value with vROps.

The session challenged vROps practitioners approach and also gave new ways to use the product to help deliver even better service to the users/customers.

If you want to learn more about this I would highly recommend visiting Iwan’s blog and search for the session video when it becomes available on the VMworld videos site.

Iwan dropping some serious vROps knowledge.

Iwan dropping some serious vROps knowledge.


Simon’s #VMworld 2017: Tuesday

I managed to dodge the rainstorms in the morning before arriving, the hotel being just across the road from the Venue was a huge help (Thank you Xtravirt)

The main session was great particularly HCX announcement and the VR admin demo.

I then hit the solutions exchange as soon as it opened. There are all the usual suspects there -except- Cisco (anyone know why?)

It was also great to see the guys from Blue Medora.

On Wednesday I plan to spend some more time in the Solutions exchange to see what new cool and useful tech is on offer to help achieve customer goals.


Simon’s #VMworld 2017: Sunday and Monday


Arriving in early on Sunday as the local flight choices are more limited from Bristol than perhaps a larger Airport, very fortunate to have a hotel so close to the VMworld venue, perhaps not so great for the evening activities but I am happy with it this way around.

Other than registration (4pm-8pm) and hopefully catching up with a few folk who have also arrived early.

In the evening I had the pleasure to meet many awesome people from the vCommunity.

My current focus has been on vRA so it was great to meet some well known and knowledgable.


#vROps Webinar 2017 – Announcing Part 4 : Optimizing Workload Performance Using Automation

In this coming episode, Sunny will DIVE DEEP into the interesting topic of introducing automation into operations.

While we all know that, automating day to day operations tasks is becoming the choice of an IT organization, it is hard for them to find a solution which can completely understand their business policies and provide them the efficiency they need from automating simple operational tasks.

Based on our research, we found that, one of the most time consuming activity done by an Virtual Infrastructure Administrator is to juggle resources between the changing business requirements and ensure that every VM which is being hosted in their environment is BEING SERVED WELL.

With VMware vRealize Operations 6.6, a new and innovative solution is introduced to cater to this use case. While there are other products in the market which claim to have done this, what we have learned from our customers that Technology applied by those solutions quickly forgets that Automation should also consider business policies.

With Workload Balance as the next topic of our Webinar Series, we will talk about some real world use cases and demonstrate how we can AUTOMATE OPERATIONS keeping in mind the business goals and requirements. We have selected a date post VMworld Barcelona and hopefully it will suit you.

Make sure that you save the invite. Here are the details:

Session Title – Part 4 – Optimizing Workload Performance using Automation
Date – Tuesday, 19th September 2017
Time – 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM Pacific Time
Speakers – Sunny Dua & Simon Eady
Webinar Link – Click here to join the session when it’s time
Save Invite – Click here to save invite