Simon Eady

Simon Eady

An IT Professional with 20 years’ experience with broad technical and managerial experience, which has enabled him to deliver high quality, correctly scaled, easy to use IT solutions which are on budget and in line with business needs and requirements in any environment.

A leader of the Bristol and South West VMUG (VMware User Group)

Technology Specialities: vRealize Operations Manager (vROps), VMware vSphere, vRealize Automation (vRA), and not to shabby with the rest of the VMware stack.

Simon is currently working for Xtravirt as a Senior consultant and can usually be found on twitter @simoneady

vExpert 2014-2020

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Written by Simon Eady on 3/3/2011
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So here we go, my very first tech blog… so what on earth do I start with? Given I am unlikely to have any profound revelations I shall simply focus on what I have discovered as useful and helpful on my travels! First up then… I have been asked on many occasions by individuals and SMEs should they opt for a brand such as HP over Dell or vice versa… as ever my default response is a brief needs analysis.