There is no one cloud solution to rule them all..
18/10/2016 | Simon

I have been musing this a little while and decided to write this post/rant/opinion post, feel free to post your thoughts and opinions in the comments. OK so here it is, one thing I have observed for a good while now is how much noise there is about how -you- should be in the cloud […]

Installing .NET core, PowerShell and PowerCLI on macOS Sierra
| Sam

So, this is something I’ve been waiting to write up for a while! PowerShell for macOS has been available for a while now, but what a lot of PowerCLI fans have been waiting for is to be able to use PowerCLI direct from their Mac. Today, amidst all of the noise from VMWorld, PowerCLI Core dropped […]

VCAC 6.0 build-out to distributed model – Part 1: Certificates
23/06/2014 | Sam

This is the first article in a series about how to build-out a simple vCAC 6 installation to a distributed model. In a simple installation you have the Identity Appliance, the vCAC appliance (which includes a vPostgres DB and vCenter Orchestrator instance) and an IaaS server. The distributed model still has a single Identity Appliance […]

Generating and Installing CA Signed Certificates for VMware SRM 5.5
05/03/2014 | Sam

I’m fairly new to SRM, but even so this one seemed like a real head-scratcher! If you happen to be using CA signed certificates on your “protected site” vCenter and “recovery site” vCenter servers, when you come to linking the two SRM sites you encounter SSLHandShake errors – basically SRM assumes you want to use […]

PowerCLI Script to set RDM LUNs to Perennially Reserved – Fixes Slow Boot of ESXi 5.1 with MSCS RDMs
06/03/2013 | Sam

I’ve previously posted around this topic as part of another problem but having had to figure out the process again I think it’s worth re-posting a proper script for this. VMware KB 1016106 is snappily titled “ESXi/ESX hosts with visibility to RDM LUNs being used by MSCS nodes with RDMs may take a long time to […]

Installing a TMG Enterprise Management Server and Migrating and Existing Standalone Array: Part 1
12/06/2012 | Sam

This is my current scenario: there are two existing servers in a stand-alone array – TMG01 and TMG02, and over in a DR site there is a new server (TMG03) that is in the process of being built. To comply with DR, all 3 servers must have their configurations up to date, however there is […]

SCOM 2007 R2: Daily Health Check Script v2
28/05/2012 | Sam

A couple of months ago I posted the first version of my SCOM 2007 R2 Daily Health Check Script – here is version 2. It’s more than a little motivated by some friendly competition with a Microsoft PFE for SCOM, hopefully you’ll agree it’s a big improvement on the last version. Updated for this version Formatting […]

PowerShell: Recursively taking ownership of files and folders and adding permissions without removing existing permissions
07/02/2012 | Sam

This is every file server admin’s nightmare: hundreds of shares, thousands of folders, hundreds of thousands of files – and custom or not inherited rights on many of them. Terabytes of data that need auditing – e.g. to find customer data, or credit card information. How do you go about accessing all the data in […]

SCOM 2007 R2: Daily Health Check Script
25/01/2012 | Sam

An updated version of this script has been released: I’ve been working with a Microsft SCOM PFE (Premier Field Engineer) for the last few months and part of the engagement is an environment health check for the SCOM setup. Based on this Microsoft recommend a series of health checks to for the environment that […]