Sam’s #VMworld 2017: vSAN Specialist and VMware {Code} Hackathon
12/09/2017 | Sam

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PowerShell: Deploying vCenter High Availability in Advanced Mode
30/06/2017 | Sam

With the release of vSphere 6.5, VMware upped the game for vCenter High Availability (vCHA) and introduced an active/passive/witness cluster setup to provide a failover cluster for vCenter Server Appliances. The diagram below shows the architecture of the solution. Deploying vCHA can be done in two modes – “Basic” and “Advanced”. You can use Basic […]

Alexa, turn on my workload cluster
06/04/2017 | Sam

Like many other geeks out there, I received an Amazon Echo device this Christmas, and whether it’s a fad or not, I’ve spent a few happy hours setting up my Hue lights and some other automation. The room in the house with the most automation is my office – the novelty may wear off, but […]

Getting started with vRealize Log Insight 4.3 for vRealize Automation 7
14/03/2017 | Sam

In this humble consultant’s opinion, Log Insight is one of the most useful tools in the administrator’s tool belt for troubleshooting vRealize Automation. I have lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked to help troubleshoot an issue that, when asked, people don’t know which log they should be looking at. The simple […]

vRealize Orchestrator Workflow: shutdownVSANCluster
30/12/2016 | Sam

My vSphere lab is split into two halves – a low power management cluster, powered by 3 Intel NUCs, and a more hefty workload cluster powered by a Dell C6100 chassis with 3 nodes. The workload servers are noisy and power hungry so they tend to be powered off when I am not using them, and […]

Increasing the Java Heap size for vRealize Orchestrator Client (7.x)
16/12/2016 | Sam

Back in January 2015 I wrote an article on how to modify the Java heap settings for the vCenter Orchestrator client when working with very large workflows. Since vRealize Orchestrator 7.x has been released, we no longer have an installable client, just a Java WebStart file (.jnlp) that you run, or a package that you can download […]

#vROps Webinar Series – Part 11 – Getting more out of #vROps with PowerCLI
26/11/2016 | Simon

Time to publish the recording for the 11th episode of the vROps Webinar Series. This time we were joined by Vinith Menon who spoke about getting more from your vROps builds with PowerCLI. Vinith demonstrated the many useful ways of leveraging PowerCLI to manage your vROps environments and also communicate with the vROps API. Huge thanks […]

#vROps Webinar Series – Announcing Part 11 – Getting more out of #vROps with PowerCLI
22/11/2016 | Simon

Another month has gone and Christmas is now looming large! It has been extremely busy but we still want to continue with the momentum of webinar series getting to the business end of the year. This time around we will talk about getting more out of vRealize Operations Manager using PowerCLI. This session we will be joined […]

Adding a vCloud Air (PAYG/Gen2) instance to vRealize Orchestrator as a vCloud Director host
19/04/2016 | Sam

Big thanks to Jose Luis Gomez for this solution, his response to my tweet was spot on and invaluable! I’ve been trying to configure vCloud Air as a vCloud Director host in vRealize Orchestrator in order to create some custom resource actions for Day 2 operations in vRealize Automation. What I found was that there’s […]