Alexa, turn on my workload cluster
06/04/2017 | Sam

Like many other geeks out there, I received an Amazon Echo device this Christmas, and whether it’s a fad or not, I’ve spent a few happy hours setting up my Hue lights and some other automation. The room in the house with the most automation is my office – the novelty may wear off, but […]

vRA7.2 and vSphere Integrated Containers
19/12/2016 | Sam

One of the cool new features released with vRealize Automation 7.2 was the integration of VMware Admiral (container management) into the product, and recently VMware made version 1 of vSphere Integrated Containers generally available (GA), so I thought it was time I started playing around with the two. In this article I’m going to cover deploying […]

Deploying to AWS with Software Components on vRealize Automation 7
18/11/2016 | Sam

Recently I’ve been working on some ideas in my lab to leverage the AWS endpoint on vRealize Automation. One of the things I needed to get working was getting Software Components working on my AWS deployed instances. The diagram to the right shows my end-stage network – the instance deployed by vRA into AWS should be […]

Creating an AWS Hardware VPN Connection with Ubiquiti EdgeRouterX
07/11/2016 | Sam

When you’re working with Amazon and vRealize Automation Software Components, one of the requirements is for the Guest Agent (gugent) to talk back to the vRealize Automation APIs – the gugent polls the API for tasks it should perform, downloads them from the API and executes them, then updates the tasks with a status. This […]

There is no one cloud solution to rule them all..
18/10/2016 | Simon

I have been musing this a little while and decided to write this post/rant/opinion post, feel free to post your thoughts and opinions in the comments. OK so here it is, one thing I have observed for a good while now is how much noise there is about how -you- should be in the cloud […]

Adding an AWS endpoint to vRealize Automation 7
28/07/2016 | Sam

Although it’s fairly limited, you can add AWS as an endpoint for vRealize Automation 7  and consume EC2 AMIs as part of a blueprint. You can even add the deployed instances to an existing Elastic Load Balancer at deploy time. In this post I’ll run through the basics to get up and running and deploy […]

Deploying F5 BIG-IP Virtual Edition (VE) in AWS
20/04/2016 | Sam

Recently I was asked to develop some vRealize Orchestrator workflows against the F5 BIG-IP iControl REST API, but I was not able to test freely against a production appliance. After a lot of attempts to get in contact with F5 for a 90-day trial of the full version, or to purchase a lab license, I […]