Lab notes: Upgrading vSphere 6.0 and NSX 6.2 to vSphere 6.5a and NSX 6.3
08/02/2017 | Sam

I’ve been holding off upgrading my lab to vSphere 6.5  because NSX 6.2.x doesn’t support it. With the release of NSX 6.3 and vSphere 6.5a, I can now upgrade. The sequence of the upgrade is slightly different to the generic one published by VMware because vSphere 6.5 isn’t supported with NSX 6.2. If follows that I […]

vRealize Orchestrator Workflow: shutdownVSANCluster
30/12/2016 | Sam

My vSphere lab is split into two halves – a low power management cluster, powered by 3 Intel NUCs, and a more hefty workload cluster powered by a Dell C6100 chassis with 3 nodes. The workload servers are noisy and power hungry so they tend to be powered off when I am not using them, and […]

vRA7.2 and vSphere Integrated Containers
19/12/2016 | Sam

One of the cool new features released with vRealize Automation 7.2 was the integration of VMware Admiral (container management) into the product, and recently VMware made version 1 of vSphere Integrated Containers generally available (GA), so I thought it was time I started playing around with the two. In this article I’m going to cover deploying […]

#VMworld 2016 – VCAP6-DCA Deploy Exam Experience
29/08/2016 | Sam

Greetings from Day 1 of VMworld US 2016!   Every year I try and make use of the VMworld discount at the exam centre, and this year was no exception I sat the VCAP6-DCV Deploy exam, and results are still pending! Overall it’s a good exam, there was very little of the spelling and grammatical errors […]

Building a vRealize Automation NSX Lab on Ravello
29/09/2015 | Sam

As a vExpert, I am blessed to get 1000 CPU hours access to Ravello’s awesome platform and recently I’ve been playing with the AutoLab deployments tailored for Ravello. If you’re unfamiliar with Ravello’s offering (where have you been?!) then it’s basically a custom hypervisor (HVX) running on either AWS or Google Cloud that allows you […]

Joining vSphere 6 Platform Services Controller Appliance to an Active Directory domain via the command line
03/09/2015 | Sam

With a Platform Services Controller appliance deployed as part of a vCenter Server installation, either integrated as part of the vCSA or as a separate PSC appliance, you can easily join the PSC to an Active Directory domain using the Web Client. When you’ve deployed the PSC as the single sign on layer of a […]

vSphere 6 Lab Upgrade – vCenter Server Appliance
01/04/2015 | Sam

I tested vSphere 6 quite intensively when it was in beta, but I didn’t ever upgrade my lab – basically because I need a stable environment to work on and I wasn’t sure that I could maintain that with the beta. Now 6 has been GA a while and I have a little bit of […]

Slow or failed logon to VCSA 5.5 with vCOps in the environment
01/07/2014 | Sam

Recently I encountered this problem in a customer site whereby the logon to VCSA 5.5 would either time out, or take 3-5 minutes to actually log on. Running a netstat on the VCSA during the attempt to logon showed there was a SYN packet sent to the vCOps appliance on port 443 that never established […]

vCenter 5.5 Certificate Toolkit for Distributed Environments
09/06/2014 | Sam

If you’ve had the dubious pleasure of generating and installing vCenter certificates, you’ll know that it’s not the greatest of fun. When VMware released the SSL Certificate Automation Tool, it helped hugely, especially when you use Derek Seaman’s excellent SSL toolkit. I know that there are hours and hours of work put into this script […]