Lab Notes – vCloud Director 9.1 for Service Providers – Part 2: PostgreSQL Installation
10/07/2018 | Sam

Posts in this seriesLab Notes – vCloud Director 9.1 for Service Providers – Part 1: Pre-requisitesLab Notes – vCloud Director 9.1 for Service Providers – Part 2: PostgreSQL InstallationLab Notes – vCloud Director 9.1 for Service Providers – Part 3: NFS Server InstallationLab Notes – vCloud Director 9.1 for Service Providers – Part 4: RabbitMQ […]

Upgrading PKS with NSX-T from 1.0.x to 1.1
29/06/2018 | Sam

Yesterday, Pivotal Container Service 1.1 dropped and, as it’s something I’ve been actively learning in my lab, I wanted to jump on the upgrade straight away. PKS with NSX-T is a really hot topic right now and I think it’s going to be a big part of the future CNA landscape. My Lab PKS 1.0.4 […]

VMware Clarity based WordPress Theme – v0.1
20/06/2018 | Sam

A couple of days ago I saw a tweet from Cody De Arkland showing his new tweaked VMware Clarity based theme on his website. Staying up until 3am to get the brisket on, so what do I do? Work on tuning up with some better @VMwareClarity styling! Check out the differences below! Subtle changes but […]

GDPR, blogging and DefinIT
22/05/2018 | Sam

So…this is a frustrated sort of post. As you are most likely to already know, the new data protection laws (GDPR) are coming into effect on the 25th May 2018. I must emphasise that I am not an expert on GDPR, this post is my layman’s conclusion for my specific circumstances. I run this blog as […]

vRealize Lifecycle Manager 1.2 VC data collection fails when NSX-T hostswitches are in use
18/04/2018 | Sam

When vRealize Lifecycle Manager 1.2 was released recently, I was keen to get it installed in my lab, since I maintain several vRealize Automation deployments for development and testing, as well as performing upgrades. With vRLCM I can reduce the administrative overhead of managing the environments, as well as easily migrate content between environments (I’ll […]

#vROps 6.7 – Automate all the things..
13/04/2018 | Simon

There are many improvements, changes and new additions to vROps in version 6.7 but one of the aspects that stands out to me personally is the direction VMware are taking with the product. Aside from the obvious addition of cloud costings and comparisons and a reworked capacity planning (from the ground up) and new hook […]

Three Tier App for vRealize Automation
26/03/2018 | Sam

One question I’m asked quite a lot is what I use for a 3-tier application when I’m testing things like NSX micro-segmentation with vRealize Automation. The simple answer is that I used to make something up as I went along, deploying components by hand and generally repeating myself a lot. I had some cut/paste commands […]

Retrieve Blueprint or Virtual Machine Custom Properties using the vRealize Automation API
02/02/2018 | Sam

Just a quick post today, as I was working with a customer recently and we were trying to retrieve the Custom Properties assigned to a vRealize Automation 7.3 deployed Virtual Machine, similar to the one in the image below. It’s not as intuitive as you’d like it to be because of the split between IaaS […]

NSX 6.x Network Communications Diagram
26/01/2018 | Sam

There are a few NSX Communications network diagrams floating around, but none have really displayed the info in a way I found to be clear or complete enough. To that end, I have been working on a diagram that covers as much of the communications between NSX Components as I can. I’ve currently only covered […]