Posting to BlogEngine using Windows Live Writer
09/05/2008 | Sam

One of my unpublished gripes with the DotNetNuke blog was that it was a pain to make work with WLW. One of the cool things with BE.Net is that it does work with WLW, not only that but it works well. Setup was a breeze and within 2 minutes I'm now writing my first post, […]

Force BlogEngine.Net to update its cache after an import
| Sam

Well my first real post on BlogEngine.Net is…about BlogEngine.Net! After running the import program from my old DotNetNuke blog I found that the importer had worked, but that the blog entries had not shown up. This was because the cache that BE.Net uses for the XML data files. Since I'm on a shared hosting I […]

Lament for WordPress and a call for a .Net WordPress killer
08/05/2008 | Sam

I miss WordPress. I miss the fact that it would save my work periodically, and that if my session timed out while the I was writing a blog, it would be there when I logged back in as an unpublished daft. I miss having my categorised posts. I miss having tags to tell me what […]

Menus in MOSS (or WSS) open and disappear
| Sam

We were integrating a 3rd party product’s web parts with MOSS the other day and came accross an interesting problem. In site editing mode, all the drop down menus would appear for a flash and then go blank. The actual admin pages we were trying to get to would work if you entered them into […]

Windows Vista shows black screen and the cursor before log in.
02/05/2008 | Sam

Had an interesting one yesterday, my bosses Vista laptop booted as per normal, making all the right pictures until just before the log in prompt popped up, then a black screen in what looked to be VGA graphics with the white default arrow cursor. Corrupted graphics drivers, I thought. A quick boot into safe mode…but […]

Adding a Windows 2003 domain controller to your existing Windows 2000 domain
08/04/2008 | Sam

I was adding a shiny new domain controller to my server farm earlier today, we have just two Windows 2000 SP4 domain controllers on old kit and they are due to retire. With the hardware selected, purchased and a fresh copy of Windows Server 2003 R2 installed, I set to installing Active Directory. DCPromo.exe fires up and […]

Restoring the ASP.NET tab in IIS
04/04/2008 | Sam

If you've logged onto the properties for your IIS install and found that the ASP.NET tab has mysteriously disappered, you can try a couple of things. Firstly, try re-registering ASP.NET with IIS using the ASPNET_REGIIS.exe located in the .NET installation folder: c:\WINDOWS\MICROSOFT.NET\framework\\aspnet_regiis -i   Chances are though, that it won't work, and that you can […]

Installing Windows XP without a CD drive
14/03/2008 | Sam

When the Dell engineer said “they’ve asked if you can reinstall the OS” my heart sank. Not because I felt like he was weasling out of work – unusually they were very helpful. Not because installing XP is a hard task, I’ve done it over 100 times on all sorts of hardware. No, the reason I […]

Retrieving Your Exchange Server 2003 License Key
21/02/2008 | Sam

Recently I found the need to retrieve the key from an existing Exchange Server for a reinstall – the software is legally licensed but the key was somehow lost. A trawl through my registry revealed that the key is stored in an obscure place: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Integration\{GUID}\PID3.0 This was the case on a Windows Server 2000 […]