#vROps 6.2 – upgrade and utilization dashboards

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vRealize-Operations-Manager-Logo_thumb.jpgAs you will see the upgrade is simple and even though its early days I haven’t seen anything that has been broken!

If you are interested in seeing an example of the new utilization dashboard scroll to the bottom of this article.

Upgrading from 6.1

I will be doing this upgrade on a VA so to begin with I will need the vRealize Operations Manager – Virtual Appliance Operating System upgrade .pak file (Realize_Operations_Manager-VA-OS-

One applied I will then perform the product upgrade of the VA using (vRealize_Operations_Manager-VA-

Performing the upgrade is simple enough, login to the admin area click software update and then click install a software update.



vCAC 6.1 build out to distributed model: Clustered vCAC Appliances

With the release of vCAC 6.1 there have been some great improvements in the setup of the clustered vCAC appliances – none of the previous copying of configuration files between appliances – just a simple wizard to do it all for you. In my opinion this is superb.

You’ll need to have deployed a load balancer of some sort – vCAC 6.0 build-out to distributed model – Part 3.1: Configure Load Balancing with vCNS or vCAC 6.0 build-out to distributed model – Part 3.2: Configure load balancing with NSX

Deploy vCAC Appliances

Deploy three vCAC appliances by running through the OVF deployment wizard, two to be configured as vCAC Appliance nodes and one to be the external vPostgres database.

  • vCAC-61-PG-01.definit.local
  • vCAC-61-VA-01.definit.local
  • vCAC-61-VA-02.definit.local

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