Written by Simon Eady on 27/5/2016
Published under vRealize Operations
As promised, I am posting the recording for the 5th Session of vROps Webinar Series 2016. Both Sunny and I successfully delivered the session on Design and Deployment considerations. Session Details:- In this instalment of the series, we discussed the steps and thought processes that should be used before and during the design and deployment of vRealize Operations Manager. During the session among other things we will cover the planning, core components, correct sizing, HA, clustering, DR and future growth**.
Written by Simon Eady on 20/5/2016
Published under vRealize Operations
Time to announce the next part of the year long webinar series on vRealize Operations Manager. This time around, Sunny and I thought about discussing Architecture of vROps. To some, it might sound strange as for smaller deployments you might not have to worry about Sizing and Architecture much since it is pretty simple to install and configure a small or a medium node for a small shop. However as your monitoring needs grow and you start adding solutions for monitoring data sources beyond vSphere, you would need to think about scaling up or scaling out.
Written by Simon Eady on 10/3/2016
Published under vRealize Operations
Given the flexibility in which you can choose to use and deploy vROps a question that frequently comes out is “is there a best practice?” While that phrase is getting pretty tired it is still valid if you are just starting a design for a new vROps build or trying to make the best of a bad implementation. Rather than me trying to tell you how you should use vROps in your place of work I would direct you to a very useful PDF VMware have produced vRealize Operations Manager Reference Architecture.