There is no one cloud solution to rule them all..

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theoneringI have been musing this a little while and decided to write this post/rant/opinion post, feel free to post your thoughts and opinions in the comments.

OK so here it is, one thing I have observed for a good while now is how much noise there is about how -you- should be in the cloud (Public) and if you are not you’re already dead.

I call Bull****!

Public, Hybrid and Private clouds are solutions not final destinations, regardless of whether you are a customer, partner, or any other third thing you should be purely focused on what is best for you or (if you provide IT services) your customer. It is plainly obvious to me that in -all- of the customers I have visited there has been no appetite or reason to mass adopt any single one solution/option as it simply would not fit how they do business and function day to day. There will of course be exceptions to this rule but they are indeed exceptions not the norm.

As I have heard in the past, the reason you don’t hear lot’s about Private cloud success stories is because they are Private (the clue is in the name) not every customer wants to shout about it for reasons and lets not forget the speed of business is in no way on a par with the speed of IT innovation.

It is reckless to blindly suggest to folk that only one type of cloud will meet all their needs. Public cloud is here to stay but the sweeping statements about it being the final destination for everyone is nonsense. All three cloud types are here to stay, they give customers choice (which is critical).

From my point of view, it is my professional duty to provide my customers with informed and appropriate solutions for their needs. For many I know this is plainly obvious but with all the noise at present I felt I needed to at least write something about my thoughts on the matter.

Again feel free to comment if you wish I am keen to hear what you think.



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Apologies in advance if this is post is a jumbled nonsense, I’m still way too excited!

This morning I woke to the news that I have passed my VCDX-CMA!

This was my second attempt at VCDX and although the first failure was a painful experience, the lessons learned from it were invaluable to take into the defence the second time around. Failing doesn’t have to be a negative experience – if there is one thing that I will take from the VCDX program it is that there is ALWAYS more I need to learn, and I can always do better. Learning has to be a way of life (in this industry especially!) and the minute you stop, you start falling back.

My defence went better than last time (clearly!) but I still wasn’t confident that I’d pass. In fact as the wait went on I started thinking more and more like I’d failed, but I think it’s easier to remember the bits you struggled with than the questions you answered effortlessly!

According to the VCDX directory, and it looks like I’m only the 3rd¬†5th person in the UK to hold the VCDX-CMA! *Edited: There are some additional CMAs for double VCDX’s added now*

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