Written by Sam McGeown on 26/6/2014
Published under VMware
This is the fourth article in a series about how to build-out a simple vCAC 6 installation to a distributed model. By the end of this post we will have deployed a second vCAC Appliance, clustered it with the first appliance and registered the load balanced URL with the Identity Appliance. This will mean logging on to https://vcloud.definit.local/shell-ui-app will be successful. An overview of the steps required are below: Issue and install certificates Deploy an external vPostgres appliance and migrate the vCAC database Configure load balancing Deploy a second vCAC appliance and configure clustering Install and configure additional IaaS server Deploy vCenter Orchestrator Appliance cluster Deploying a secondary vCAC Appliance OVF I’m not going to run through the steps required to deploy the OVF as they’re really quite simple, and I am assuming you’ve already done it!