Whats new in #vROps 6.3 part 2

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In this post I will drill down to look at some of the enhancements, improvements and or new additions one by one.

New Home Dashboard – as you can see this is a very useful and helpful way or presenting a high level set of data about your environment with also many ways to interact and interrogate the data you are being presented with. Among other items you can filter on (Health/Risk/Efficiency), alter the scope, see alerts relative to the objects you are interested in.

home dashboard




Workload Balance & DRS – TO further enhance the integration for the Workload placement engine this new dashboard lets you see your clusters and respective hosts and also allows you to set the DRS level per cluster.





Workload Balance – This has been enhanced from the previous version allowing you to filter by CPU/Memory only demand and also the ability to re-balance with vROps actions.





Monitoring goals – Now this has been asked for by many user and customers, this allows you to recreate a default monitoring policy by answering the questionnaire.















vROps Self Services Dashboards – This was another request from many customers and users alike who wanted to be able to effectively monitor vROps with this set of dashboards your wish has been granted.







#vROps Webinar 2016 – Announcing Part 8 : SDDC Operations with vROps Custom Dashboards

vROps webinar logoThis time around Iwan Rahabok will lead the next session of the vROps Webinar Series while Sunny and myself will support him to deliver some awesome content which Iwan has developed over the past few months.

Yes, this time around we will move our focus from vROps as a Product and related features to the concept of running your SDDC operations with vRealize Operations Dashboards. Just to clarify, this is not a session where we will teach you to create dashboards, but this is a session where we would share how a set of Customised Dashboards can help any organisation’s IT to get an insight into Storage, Network & Compute within your SDDC. While vROps is primarily a Performance Management and Capacity Planning tool, we will take you to the other important aspects as well such as Availability and Configuration.

The session would start with discussing the concept first. Then you will see the concept turning into reality with the Custom Dashboards which we are going to showcase. Later, we will also share details on how to get all those dashboards into your environments with a few easy steps and hopefully this will either get you started on your vROps journey, or accelerate the journey for those who have already started and now looking to maximise their investments they made in to vROps.

So join us for this edition and learn more about how to operationalize Software Defined Datacenter.

Day & Date          : Thursday, 25th August 2016
Time                     : 1:30 PM – 2:45 PM  (SGT)
Event                    : vROps Webinar 2016

Topic                     : Part 8 : SDDC Operations with vROps Custom Dashboards

Speakers               : Iwan Rahabok / Simon Eady / Sunny Dua

WebEx Link          : JoinWebExMeeting