#vROps what if I want to scale up?

| 13/04/2016 | Tags: , ,

vRealize-Operations-Manager-Logo_thumb.jpgSo a lot of noise is being made about vROps being able to scale out and rightly so it works -very- well.

However what if you want to scale up your node or nodes, going from say small to medium?

Reasons why?

  • Perhaps your POC has proved so useful you want to move it into production?
  • You have lots of really useful historical on your existing smaller build and you don’t want to redeploy (therefore losing your historical data)
  • You have limitations where scaling out is simply not an option but you need vROps to take on more work.

There are likely other compelling reasons for you to want to scale up your vROps nodes so lets look at how we can do that.