Written by Sam McGeown on 16/5/2016
Published under VMware
I ran into this problem at a customer site where all the Log Insight nodes were changed due to some IP address conflicts. I think the problem occurred because the IP addresses were all changed and the VMs shut down, without time for the application to update the node IPs. The symptoms: The web interface was down, a netstat -ano | grep -i “443” showed the service was listening _service loginsight status|restart|stop|start _hung and then timed out on the Master node The loginsight service was not running on the Worker nodes /var/log/loginsight/runtime.
Written by Sam McGeown on 24/11/2010
Published under Microsoft
Today I was configuring a new FTP server based on IIS7 (well, 7.5 technically as it’s a Server 2008 R2 host), and I wanted an easy way to add and remove allowed IP addresses based on either an XML config file or a CSV import. Customers’ IP addresses are added or removed regularly, but I didn’t want to have to update their details twice, once on the server and once in the documents.