Installing .NET core, PowerShell and PowerCLI on macOS Sierra

powerclicore140x140So, this is something I’ve been waiting to write up for a while! PowerShell for macOS has been available for a while now, but what a lot of PowerCLI fans have been waiting for is to be able to use PowerCLI direct from their Mac.

Today, amidst all of the noise from VMWorld, PowerCLI Core dropped as a Fling! That means that although it’s not ready for production use yet, it is ready to start testing – and I’m way more excited than I should be!

At the moment it’s a limited subset of PowerCLI functionality (as PowerShell Core is a limited subset of PowerShell), but both PowerShell and PowerCLI are actively adding functionality at a really good rate – and VMware Flings have a pretty decent track record for being released as production (H5 client, Migrate2VCSA, VSAN HCL, Embedded Host Client – it goes on!) (more…)