Can I monitor hardware OOTB with #vROps?

So very recently i had a great question from a customer regarding ways to monitor things like the temperature of host systems. Would they need a management pack or is this something vROps can do out of the box?

The short answer to this is yes, but it is not immediately obvious how.

There are a great many metrics that come with a vanilla build of vROps but not all of them are enabled a good example of these are the sensor metrics.

To find the metrics you have enabled or disabled in your vROps deployment you will need to go to policies and edit the policy pertinent to your environment.

In the left hand menu choose “Collect Metrics and Properties” as shown in the example below.

Then in the main window do a search for using the key word Sensor as shown below.

You can see that the “state” is inherited from the default policy and the metrics are all disabled.

You can choose to edit the state directly per metric (as shown below), or click actions and set the state for all the metrics you have selected.

Make sure you click save before exiting your policy.

All you need to then do is wait 5 or so minutes for the first sets of data to appear.

Naturally you can use this to disable the collection of certain metrics as well.

What if I want full metrics? in #vROps

vRealize-Operations-Manager-Logo.jpgIf you have used vCOps (previous version of vROPs) you will likely remember the option in the admin panel where you could change the number of metrics being collected from “balanced” to “full”.

As many found, this option drop down was not present in vROps and there appeared to be no replacement.

Here is the good news, the ability to collect those metrics has not been removed rather it’s just a little more hidden (by design)

So how do we enable “full” metrics?

The answer is policies! so before you start a quick word of caution, if you plan to modify the default policy don’t rather clone it and then carry out your changes. Better still create a new policy and have it applied to a custom group against a few objects that you are keen to have full metrics collected against.