Deploying ECMP with NSX for a Provider Logical Router

| 31/01/2017 | Tags: , , ,

Equal Cost Multipathing (ECMP), for the vSphere admin, is ability to create routes with an equal cost, which allows multiple paths to the same network to be created and traffic can be distributed over those paths. This is good for a couple of reasons – firstly is availability. If we were to lose a host, and an NSX Edge, the route will time out quicker than NSX Edge High Availability – thus providing higher availability for our network traffic. Then second reason is throughput – each NSX Edge is capable of ~10Gbps throughput, but with ECMP we can have multiple NSX Edges (up to 8) providing 10Gbps each – that’s a significant performance boost.

Below I’ve mapped out what I want to build in my lab – it’s a simplification of a design I’ve used for some Service Provider customers (and you’ll see similar in the vCloud Architecture Toolkit documentation from VMware).