#UKVMUG Ravello Home Lab Winner!

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First of all, thank you to everyone who came along to my session at the UKVMUG yesterday, it was great to see so many people at a round table discussion, sorry for those that had to stand! I hope that it was helpful and maybe a few of you will be building some awesome labs in the cloud!

Ravello very kindly sponsored a free home lab, equivalent to the vExpert 1000 hours account as a prize for my session at the UKVMUG yesterday. Using a high tech random number generator and an Excel spread sheet the winner was picked, so without further ado, congratulations go to…

Chris Good

I’ve passed Chris’ details onto my contact at Ravello who will be setting him up with his account – enjoy your lab!

Once again, thank you to everyone who came and participated in the session, I very much enjoyed it, and thank you to Ravello for sponsoring the home lab!


Photo credit: Oliver Happy (@OliverH4ppy)

Disclaimer: I am a Ravello user and I receive a free vExpert 1000h account from Ravello – however I am not paid to endorse them, and I have no official affiliation with them – I just think it’s cool tech!

Building a vRealize Automation NSX Lab on Ravello

imageAs a vExpert, I am blessed to get 1000 CPU hours access to Ravello’s awesome platform and recently I’ve been playing with the AutoLab deployments tailored for Ravello.

If you’re unfamiliar with Ravello’s offering (where have you been?!) then it’s basically a custom hypervisor (HVX) running on either AWS or Google Cloud that allows you to run nested environments on those platforms. I did say it’s awesome.

As an avid home-lab enthusiast Ravello initially felt weird, but having used it for a while I can definitely see the potential to augment, and in some cases completely replace the home lab. I spent some time going through Nigel Poulton’s AWS course on Pluralsight to get a better understanding of the AWS platform and I think that helped, but it’s definitely not required to get started on Ravello.

One more thing to add before I start the setup – even if I didn’t have 1000 hours free, the pricing model means that you could run your lab on Ravello for a fraction of the cost of a higher spec home lab. It’s definitely an option to consider unless you’re running your lab 24/7.