Written by Sam McGeown on 19/12/2017
Published under Networking, NSX and vSphere
Disclaimer! I am learning NSX-T, part of my learning is to deploy in my lab - if I contradict the official docs then go with the docs! Lab Environment This NSX-T lab environment is built as a nested lab on my physical hosts. There are four physical ESXi hosts, onto which I will deploy three ESXi VMs, a vCenter Server Appliance, NSX Manager, an NSX Controller cluster, and two NSX Edge Nodes.
Written by Sam McGeown on 31/1/2017
Published under Networking and VMware
Equal Cost Multipathing (ECMP), for the vSphere admin, is ability to create routes with an equal cost, which allows multiple paths to the same network to be created and traffic can be distributed over those paths. This is good for a couple of reasons - firstly is availability. If we were to lose a host, and an NSX Edge, the route will time out quicker than NSX Edge High Availability - thus providing higher availability for our network traffic.
Written by Sam McGeown on 31/8/2011
Published under Microsoft
It seems that despite my previous experiences with TMG 2010, I still stumble when creating a TMG array. Here are some “notes to self”, which will hopefully stop me making the same mistakes next time Get the NICs right first In this case I came to a project after the initial installation of the array and there was no dedicated intra-array network installed. I added a new NIC to each VM and configured the IP addressing, VLANs and routing, but could not get the intra-array network to ping, let alone talk to each other.