vSphere Web Client – VSAN is Turned Off – Edit button disappears

| 16/09/2016 | Tags: , , , ,

I ran into a strange one with my lab today where the previously working VSAN cluster couldn’t be enabled. Symptoms included:

  • The button to enable VSAN was missing from vSphere Web ClientVSAN is Turned OFF
  • vsphere_client_virgo.log had the following error:

[2016-09-16T14:49:03.473Z] [ERROR] http-bio-9090-exec-18 70001918 100023 200008 Error occurred while executing query:
QueryName: dam-auto-generated: ConfigureVsanActionResolver:dr-57
Constraint: ObjectIdentityConstraint
TargetType: ClusterComputeResource
Target: ManagedObjectReference: type = ClusterComputeResource, value = domain-c481, serverGuid = a44e7d15-e63f-46c2-a1aa-b9b1cbf972be

I was able to enable VSAN on the cluster using rvc commands

  1. SSH to VCSA
  2. Enable bash shell
  3. rvc administrator@vshere.local@locahost
  4. vsan.enable_vsan_on_cluster /localhost/<datacenter name>/computers/<cluster name>

Following the enabling of VSAN on the cluster, I was still getting errors:

  • “Unable to load VSAN configuration” when viewing the VSAN configuration for the cluster in the vSphere Web Client
  • “HTTP400 Error” when viewing the cluster summary tab, on the VSAN health widget

The HTTP400 Error led me to the following KB VMware Virtual SAN 6.x health plug-in fails to load with the error: Unexpected status code: 400 (2133384), following the resolution in this KB resolved the issue.

It seems that, yet again, VMware’s certificate tooling does not replace a key certificate, and this is the root cause of the problem. When I deployed the VCSA, I configured the PSC as a subordinate Certificate Authority and followed the documented procedure to replace the certificates. Clearly this one was missed!

vSphere 6 Lab Upgrade – VSAN

| 02/04/2015 | Tags: , , , , ,

vsphere logoI tested vSphere 6 quite intensively when it was in beta, but I didn’t ever upgrade my lab – basically because I need a stable environment to work on and I wasn’t sure that I could maintain that with the beta.

Now 6 has been GA a while and I have a little bit of time, I have begun the lab upgrade process. You can see a bit more about my lab hardware over on my lab page.

Upgrading to VSAN 6.0

The upgrade process for VSAN 5.5 to 6.0 is fairly straight forward

  • Upgrade vCenter Server
  • Upgrade ESXi hosts
  • Upgrade the on-disk format to the new VSAN FS

Other parts of this guide have covered the vCenter and ESXi upgrade, so this one will focus on the disk format upgrade. Once you’ve upgraded these you’ll get a warning on your VSAN cluster: