SCOM 2007 R2: Daily Health Check Script v2

MSFT-System-Center-logoA couple of months ago I posted the first version of my SCOM 2007 R2 Daily Health Check Script – here is version 2. It’s more than a little motivated by some friendly competition with a Microsoft PFE for SCOM, hopefully you’ll agree it’s a big improvement on the last version.

Updated for this version

  • Formatting changed to make it more readable and more compatible
  • Added “Report generated on <server>” to the top of the report
  • Management Server states reported as one section
  • Default MP check moved to beneath the Management servers
  • Agents in pending states moved to be with the Agent health states
  • Clarified “Unresponsive Agents” and “Agents reporting errors”
  • Management server alerts streamlined
  • Added top 10 alerts for the last 7 days, and added top alerters for each