Written by Sam McGeown on 14/4/2011
Published under Microsoft
Configuring WSS or SharePoint Services for a small client is a pretty effective way of getting a document management solution for a reasonable cost point. One of the limitations that caused headaches was that it used to have a maximum storage of 4GB, which was the database limit. If you wanted to go larger, you would need either a) multiple SPS installations, b) a full version of SQL server, or c) the full version of MOSS.
Written by Sam McGeown on 16/10/2009
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If you have an Alternate Access Mapping configured for a MOSS 2007 site with Integrated Authentication you might find that you get prompted for the DOMAIN\UserName and Password. After 3 attempts you get to a HTTP 401 error. This can be resolved by following the steps in MS KB 896861 HTH, Sam
Written by Sam McGeown on 8/5/2008
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We were integrating a 3rd party product’s web parts with MOSS the other day and came accross an interesting problem. In site editing mode, all the drop down menus would appear for a flash and then go blank. The actual admin pages we were trying to get to would work if you entered them into the browser directly, but that isn’t an easy way to manage the site! The problem turned out to be that in the process of getting the 3rd party web parts to work, the support team had added a MIME type to the IIS installation.